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Graduate to unsecured credit in four months

Sable’s Graduation Promise. 

Join an accelerated, simplified and completely transparent path to graduate from a secured credit card to an unsecured credit card in as fast as four months.

Unsecured credit card is as a traditional credit card, not backed by any secured funds

Here is how it works:

Start with Sable’s secured credit card.
 Meet milestones for at least 4 months.
 Graduate to traditional unsecured credit.

Introducing Milestones.

Sable is committed to demystifying the graduation process. Enter milestones - tangible, easy to understand steps our customers can take to accelerate their graduation.

Make purchases of at least $250

Spend at least $250 on your Sable secured credit card to meet this milestone.

Make at least 15 purchases

Make at least 15 purchases to meet this milestone. Purchases are defined as transactions made in-store / online on your Sable secured credit card.

Credit limit of at least $200

Set your secured credit card limit to at least $200 to meet this milestone.

On-time credit card payment

Pay at least your monthly minimum balance due every month to meet this milestone.

Payroll deposit of at least $150

Payroll or recurring deposit at least $150 every month from your payroll provider or external account to your Sable account to meet this milestone.

Hit monthly milestones

Meet or exceed your monthly milestones to get started on the path to graduate.

Don’t lose your streak!

Meet your monthly milestones for at least four consecutive months to qualify for graduation. If you lose your streak you can always start over.

Graduate to unsecured credit

Your graduation offer will be waiting for you in your Sable app as soon as you qualify.

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[Sable is the] first bank to offer a secured card and bank account without a credit check, thus giving people a chance at financial recovery.
I love this credit company for giving the opportunity to be a Sable cardholder to everyone.
G Burt
Awesome card and app! I am very impressed with Sable so far - it lets me send funds abroad at zero cost. It's cheaper than Western Union!
Best mobile banking experience! Seamless and efficient! Easy to use, premium benefits, and helpful customer service!
I have been banking with BofA for the last six years … I am so glad that I made the move and have saved so much money in fees!! Best thing to happen to me in 2020—it literally changed my life.
Fantastic customer service. I shifted from a traditional bank to Sable [and] Sable’s customer service helped me answer all the questions that I needed to switch.
K Oiwake
The best bank for immigrants in the US. Thank you Sable! I have nothing but good things to say about you!
E Berhe

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